This is the first of a 2 part series on increasing your Facebook Page reach in these tough times

Frustrated that your Facebook page is getting about as much exposure as a Donald Trump at a Greenpeace convention? Join the club.

Yes, Facebook has done it again. New changes recently launched at Facebook, aims at making the user experience (us, when we’re just “us”) a more tailored and relevant one, while at the same time putting another obstacle in the path of Facebook Pages for business.  We can’t blame Facebook. Just like Google, Facebook is constantly working on making the Facebook experience a good one for users, using all kinds of mystery algorythms. A good thing. Most of us are users too.

That being said, the just released update, called ‘See First’ which  allows people to customize for themselves rather than having FB do it for them, the types, or specific Facebook friends, feeds and  pages they want to appear in their news feed, makes our job of getting in front of the customer that much harder, whether it be organically or via paid ads .

The Facebook See First feature allows users to handpick friends, and pages, whose posts they wish to see first up on their timeline. All the user needs to do is tap the “More” button present on the foot of their screen, and scroll down to the News Feed Preferences.

It looks like this on a desk top: 


If someone chooses to, they can Like the page, and then hover over the Like button until the drop down menu displays the above options, and then choose “See First. It’s much fancier on IOS phones, and as of today not released yet on Androids, but coming:

No question this is going to make it even more challenging for those of us using Facebook to market our services and products.  It wont be enough to just advertise services and get likes through ads anymore because if users aren’t engaged with the content they are not going to add you to the ‘see first’ list and actually the posts may not appear anywhere in their feed at all, even though they have liked the page.

Essentially, a Like only benefits Pages if the page is publishing content people enjoy, and the chances that people enjoy their content is much lower if they had to secure their Like with ads rather than someone seeking them out organically.  Paid ads are going to have to be much more creative and targeted , and posts will need more engaging content that speaks to them, as well as  encourages interaction by appealing to peoples pain points – with solutions, or to their love of kittens posing as puppies. ‘See First’ exacerbates this natural selection. Someone who didn’t really love a brand in the first place but Liked it from an ad probably isn’t going to See First them.


Pain-Solution-Entertainment. The 3 top Facebook post types people seek out

At the same time, in case you were wondering, Facebook is choosing who our posts will be shown to using this formula, which hasn’t changed much:


So what do we do to increase our reach and be “chosen” or displayed via the grace of Facebook?

  • We help Facebook remain relevant for our audiences by encouraging engagement with our posts
  •  We post to a targeted audience, the highest form of quality content that grabs people and speaks to their pain
  •  We make it easier for folks to engage, and click,  by asking questions or speaking directly to their pain points
  •  We don’t post many sales-y posts
  • We make sure our Facebook page is a valuable resource
  • We make it easy for folks to share our posts include targeted, actionable call-to-action buttons on posts, whether paid or not. (Click here/Watch video/Sign up/Contact Us, etc.)
  •  We help people
  • We respond to comments quickly and often
  • We implement the 80/20 rule: 80% helpful content, 20% promotional


And mostly, the big kahuna: We think like a user, not like a marketer.









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