Do you have a website with great content but, alas, are not getting the traffic you were hoping for?

You’ve done all the things we’ve walked through in the Traffic Series , shared your content throughout social media, optimized it up the wazoo, but still your missing consistent traffic. Is your opt-in box getting rusty with the non-signer-uppers?

If you’ve been shaking your head yes through all of the above, then you’re on the right track, but missing a critical segment. Not to worry! Let me enlighten you to the 4 big, simple secrets of how to create a blog, or a website that people will remember. You most certainly can Get Found, Get Heard, Get Crackin’, and stay that way.

There is some mean competition out there, vying for your attention, and I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: having great content is only half the battle. The other half is getting people to acknowledge and remember where that content came from. But how do you make people remember your business in lieu of your competitors? How do you stand out?

Without the use of branded signatures, your business will be treated as just another cloud in the sky. Let’s put this in perspective. I can’t begin to tell you how many people approach me with Get Found, Get Heard, Get Crackin’ when they spot me at a networking event. It’s a bit obnoxious but I suppose I appreciate it….it’s a trigger and a trigger is a good thing. Say you read a blog with great content a few days ago, and now you’re looking for more content of the same topic. Because the content was the only memorable part of the site/blog, you don’t remember what business the content came from. Now that you need help, you’re no more likely to visit the same site as any other with good content. So what happens? You visit a competitors site, use their products/services, and BAM, the site you initially found content from just lost potential business.

Don’t let your business be that business! If the initial business utilized signatures, you would have remembered the first site and went straight back to you use their services instead.

What are the best signatures to use then? So here are a few must have signatures that will benefit any business online.

Why Blog Design Is Vital to Traffic

Take note of your competitors’ websites/blogs, are they structured in a similar manner? If so, this is your chance to break away from the crowd and get yourself standing out. Many small businesses initially try to set their websites up just like their competitors because they feel it’s how it should be done. This idea is simply false. Innovation and uniqueness is key. With this in mind, the first outlet of innovation in online marketing is your website. Your website design is the most critical reflection of you and your business. If you reflect to the public as just being status quo, you won’t stand out, you won’t be memorable. Your website is not the place to cheap out.

Branded Colors: Your Signature

Picture any of your favorite companies; I guarantee certain colors run straight to your mind. For example, if you found useful/interesting content online, and the scheme of the whole website is yellow and green, you’ll remember that specific business/website by the colors. Now when you need more assistance, you’ll remember where you initially found the content because the yellow and green scheme imprinted that company into your memory. By being consistent with certain colors along with all of your content, it further enhances your name to be connected with your content in the website visitors memory. Having signature colors are also efficient because you can include them in multiple places online such as your social media profiles rather than just your website/blog alone.

What Color Should You Use in Your Links and Calls to Action?

There is no one magical color that will convert your visitors like mad. You’re going to need to test different color schemes with your calls to action until you find the correct mix.

When creating links it’s important to have a color that really stands out from your existing color scheme, so people can actually notice it and so that it gets sticky in their brains. Having two specific colors that you use over and over on your site will help readers navigate your site, but it’s vital to have only one color that people can click- your hyperlinks, these are your action colors, and one color that people can’t click onpassive colors.

Why You Need Signature Slogans or Taglines

Slogans or taglines are also one of the most efficient ways to make people remember where your content came from. Unlike signature colors, slogans, or taglines, can be included wherever you have content online. For example, If you are commenting valuable insight on a website/blog that isn’t your own, you can’t manually change the colors of your comment, but you can include a catchy slogan. The tagline itself will make people acknowledge and remember who that comment came from. Without it, the audience will only remember the comment itself. Think

back for a second; I’m sure you read a load of valuable information through comments, but do you really know who those commenters were? Most likely not. Think Twitter handles.

Now that you know the second half of the battle, you’re ready to get your business found and remembered. So go out there and Get Found, Get Heard, and Get Crackin’! (Get it?)



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